Using an Internet Game Plan to Grow Your Business

Using an Internet Game Plan to Grow Your Business
Event on 2013-11-14 18:30:00

If you have a speaking business, or want to have one, or want to know more about promoting one, do not miss our next meeting on November 14th.

In fact, Invite a Friend or business associate.

Our special guest presenter will be Jerry Gitchel, President of Make Technology Work, Inc. He will present…

How to Use an Internet Game Plan to Connect All the Digital Dots and Grow Your Business

The Internet is out of control. At 8:15 each morning something new falls out of the cloud. Are you overwhelmed by the crushing amount of really cool, really new cloud-based services? Are you frustrated because your software is too hard to learn, too complicated to use and just too expensive to acquire? You don't need more software — you need a strategy, an Internet Game Plan.

Jerry delivers the 5 elements your need to make sense of all your digital marketing. Save time, money and your sanity. Learn how to connect Social Networking, Content Marketing and Online Sales to create a seamless Path of Engagement that leads directly to your phone and your bank account.

What you will learn:

  • The two most important questions to ask before investing in Cloud-based services.
  • Why "Which technology should I use" is a great second question.
  • The three key destinations along the Path of Engagement.
  • Where to invest your time on the Internet and what you should stop doing right now.
  • How to go beyond being visible to becoming a person of influence.

Special Bonus

Jerry will share an excerpt from his special report:

I Know What You Did on Facebook Last Summer

He spent the Summer stalking both his social followers and those he follows. The result is an eye-opening look at how Mobile and Social are teaming up to take the web traffic crown away from SEO.

Let's prepare to start 2014 with new tools and direction. Remember – this meeting is FREE. 

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