Using Baidu: China's Largest Search Engine

Using Baidu: China's Largest Search Engine
Baidu is ranked as the number four most visited website in the world by and holds the second largest share of the global desktop search engine market. Already at 63 percent of China's market, Baidu's portion of pie is continually growing …
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Martha Lane-Fox's vision for reclaiming the web is inspiring, but is it realistic?
The institution, dubbed Dot Everyone, would be about 'reclaiming' the Internet, bringing some of the power away from the few tech giants that seem to dominate the web, balancing inequalities, forcing regulatory change and making Britain the most …
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"Just the facts, ma'am"
Meanwhile, less popular websites “have very accurate information.” The fact … Knowledge-Based Trust builds upon what researchers have learned while building Knowledge Vault in order to provide “a much more accurate estimate of the source reliability.”.
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