Using Forms in Google Docs

Forms let you collect information from any-sized group into a single online spreadsheet.

13 thoughts on “Using Forms in Google Docs

  1. Can we set this up to be 2 directional? I want the form to populate from the row of data associated with the person I’m sending it to and when that person sends a response, for that row to update. Maybe there is something different that is a better fit for this.

  2. My god… this is exactly what I needed for work. Too bad corporate policy wouldn’t allow it, due to privacy issues for storing company data in a *TRUSTED* 3rd Party server via an encrypted connection. -.- So efficient and effective. Makes Outlook, look slightly less efficient.

  3. How do i get the entries from my form to show up in the spreadsheet by order of the most recent entry at the top? something about sister doc? I really need this function, step by step answer would be greatly appreciated.

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  5. @sarakaster I don’t think the question is “why buy MS Office when there is google Docs”. There is much that Google Docs doesn’t do. Don’t get me wrong, there is much that it does do that other office software doesn’t. I’ve got everyone at work addicted to Google Docs and Forms. But You don’t ditch MS Office for Google Doc. You ditch MS Office for something superior, like OpenOffice/LibreOffice. Also free. And more powerful than MSO. And more accurate too (Excel sucks at accurate solutions).

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