Using QR Codes for Real Estate Now Explained Online at

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (PRWEB) June 02, 2013

Professionals in real estate frequently search for better ways to market properties to buyers. The increase in technology in the past decade has created new ways homes can be promoted using little effort. The company is a leading educational resource center online for agents and realtors. This company has now published a primer on using QR codes for real estate online. This information can be reviewed at on the company website. These codes are now one way a property can be promoted to smartphone and Internet connected device users easily.

Property owners hire the services of realtors and agents to sell a property in a negotiated period of time. The use of signs, radio, television and other advertisements has been used for decades to market listed properties for sale. The growth of the cellular market in the U.S. has helped create easier ways that properties can be marketed to potential buyers.

Part of the information that is now included in the QR codes primer online is how to make use of these codes to help build a list of buyers. The growth in real estate in some parts of the country can be attributed to better buyer list creation by professionals selling homes.

The tips and information now published on the website represents a portion of the resources that can be accessed. A premium content section was launched earlier this year to offer a complete training system for real estate professionals. Because the methods for marketing a property on the Internet have changed, this premium content is designed to supply updated information to help professionals connect with more buyers.

This content is regularly updated as new strategies are put into action to test before inclusion. The premium section is now one of the most trafficked sections of the company website.

An update to the resources section was made recently to introduce better tools for professionals not currently using the premium content offered. This list of resources can be found at This list has been compiled to provide some of the best ways to use when marketing properties for sale. These tools can also be used by those selling rental, vacation or lease to buy properties.

Many of the tools now included on the resources page are free of charge to use. These are expected to provide more useful tools that can be used to build buyer lists, promote properties and increase the portfolio success of professionals in the real estate industry.


The company was launched by Ryan Bush as an online resource to help other professionals in the housing industry. The expert tips, strategies and tools presented on this website includes much of the same information that is used by the company owners to boost annual real estate sales. The premium content section now included on the company website offers one of the first Internet-only marketing training programs for real estate. The company updates the company website on a regular basis with new information the can be used for basic and premium website visitors to help build better real estate portfolios.

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