Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Part of 2010 Conference on Entrepreneurship You’ve set up a Facebook Fan page and Twitter accounts for your company. Now what? Our expert panelists will shar…
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18 Responses to Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

  1. Billions McMillions says:

    God, Michael Arrington is annoying.

  2. cashflowtips says:

    @MrFrankBullitt I agree. Just shut up Michael!

  3. Husan Thompson says:

    This is a really compelling title, but it the topics spread so broadly, that I didn’t pull as much value as I’d hoped.

  4. AyrshireSeoCompany says:

    A lot of this stuff is now outdated due to new changes that have been implemented in Facebook.

  5. beatdatflow says:

    Is it 212 hours long?

  6. Adam Goodson says:

    At 212.30 Talking like a BOSS! She is awesome! Clara Shih is a bad ass!

  7. The Hell Brothers says:

    Using social media is incredibly powerful, we love YouTube for that! We recommend all internet marketing newbies to use YouTube for social marketing.

  8. Pup says:

    Mr. Michael, Next time please don’t come.

  9. alexcoro says:

    is Michael jealous of getsatisfaction or something?

  10. Tom Silvius says:

    Things are moving quickly. This guy is very dated. It is time to pull it.

  11. Spook SEO says:

    Until now, I still consider social media as a very powerful too for marketing. When done properly, marketers will surely reach a lot of their audience through social media. There are several approaches that we can take but it will greatly matter how we perform them and what our campaigns are all about.

  12. mattzinck says:

    Lol, Lane Becker looks like Scotty Lago

  13. Julie Arnold says:

    Its a very powerful marketing tool, but you gotta be on your game, always reply and interact with users.

  14. Tyler Dillon says:

    Bullshit is swearing?

  15. howtomakemoney23 says:

    congrats to all the standford graduate school of business team members for this info!! surely social media was, is and will be a revolution and has changed dramatically the way we make business.. nothing will be the same in the very near future!! regards to all…

  16. Business2Sell says:

    using social media is very common these days & it is useful.

  17. Business Outsourcing Solutions says:

    Using social media absolutely works as a marketing tool for your business. It gives you a wider reach to your market audience.

  18. Kevin Hauff says:

    Excellent presentation. I am now integrating Social Media into my business as much as possible. You have an awesome channel with a ton of valuable content. I have subscribed and will be back. Thanks.

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