Using Social Media To Grow Your Business

Using Social Media To Grow Your Business
Event on 2012-10-16 14:30:00

"Using Social Media To Grow Your Business"

Presenter: Sterling McKinley CEO of Mckinley Media Group, LLC:


A recent study done by Gartner, an online research firm, supported a measurable link between social media marketing efforts and revenue growth.  According to the study, Worldwide social media revenue is on track to reach .3 billion by the end of this year, which is a 41 percent increase from 2010 (.3 billion). The study also suggests a forecast of consistent growth for 2012, where revenue from social media marketing is estimated to reach .9 billion. By the year 2015, projected growth from social media marketing is estimated to be around .1 billion.  Are you positioned to be apart of this growing market?  If not, this workshop is definitely your first step in understanding how to develop an effective social media presence. 

You’ve heard of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Pinterest right? Social media is the new way to communicate with existing customers and reach new ones, which will help grow your business.  Many business owners find keeping up with Social Media to be a difficult task, but with the right training, we can show you how easy & beneficial it can be.

This workshop will breakdown the basics of Social Media Marketing into simple terms and show business owners how it can increase sales.

Who should attend:

Business Owners
Outreach Coordinators
New Business Owners
Marketing Managers
Online Marketing Interns
Job Seekers
Anyone Looking To Learn More About Social Media

What you can expect:

We stay away from a ton of boring PowerPoint slides, instead it will be engaging, running real life demos, and answering your "company specific" questions. Business owners will leave this class with strategies that can be used instantly, which will assist them in increasing their sales through effective social media development.

What you’ll learn:

1.  Understanding your Facebook/Twitter and many other social media environments          & what attracts customers

2.  How to save time & mange your social media profile

3.  Define your social media strategy:

          a.  Which networks are best for you

          b.  How to get real results from social media

4.   Social media Do’s & Don’ts 

Do you want to figure out how to drive revenue from existing customers and establish relationships with new ones through the social channel?  Attend this workshop and let us show you the way!!!

 Each participant will receive a 5 Point Social Media Expert Evaluation (Valued at 5) One participant will win a Mobile Website Design & Setup (Valued at 5, does not include hosting fees)



at Courtyard Marriott Columbia, MD
8910 Stanford Boulevard
Columbia, United States

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