Using Structured Activity Analysis (SAA) to Identify, Characterize, Value & Prioritize Non-Value-Adding Activities

Using Structured Activity Analysis (SAA) to Identify, Characterize, Value & Prioritize Non-Value-Adding Activities
Event on 2013-08-21 08:30:00

Why You Should Attend This 1-Day Workshop

Everyone wants to eliminate waste in their manufacturing company.  But waste can sometime be difficult to find and even difficult to quantify.  This is why companies embarking on LEAN initiatives need to have an arsenal of tools to help identify and quantify waste wherever it may occur in their organizations.  Six Sigma, 5S and value stream mapping are accepted tools in the LEAN arsenal that exist to find and quantify waste.  But they are not enough?

The Industrial Engineering discipline has also developed a number of tools that can be successfully used to find waste and determine its impact on the enterprise. Industrial Engineering is, and always has been, concerned with the design, installation, improvement, evaluation and control of technical systems.  The objective of the Industrial Engineer is to improve product quality, factory efficiency, and enterprise productivity by optimizing resources while concurrently minimizing costs.  The tools of Industrial Engineering are diverse, ranging from rigorous mathematical models and design of experiments (DoE), to continuous process improvement and operations research.  More advanced tools such as computer simulation, neural networks and expert systems are used in more complex environments to understand, evaluate and optimize dynamic systems.

This valuable 1-day Manufacturing Executive Institute "LEAN Tools Series" Workshop will focus on a recent addition to the Industrial Engineer’s waste-seeking tool kit.  Structured Activity Analysis (SAA) is a methodology that grew out of Activity Based Accounting and is used to determine activities in any work environment and also categorize those activities as adding or detracting from the work area’s productive “mission.”  For example, if SAA was applied to a tire-forming operation, it would seek to identify and quantify all tasks, motions and activities; and segment those activities into value-adding and non-value-adding segments.  All activities would be measured and quantified so a comprehensive picture of non-value-adding (waste) costs can be determined.  Likewise, if SAA was applied to the accounts payable process, similar monetary segmentation would occur.

Structured Activity Analysis is a methodology that includes tools, process and techniques for rapidly identifying waste throughout an organization.  This workshop will present and demonstrate each of these components of SAA.  Specifically, this important 1-day workshop will address:

  • Overview of Structured Activity Analysis… why it is important to segment waste and measure it in monetary terms.
  • Specific methods for identifying all important activities in any work area.
  • Specific methods for determining why specific activities are performed.
  • Specific methods for determining the downstream recipient (internal customer) of each activity.
  • Variations of Structured Activity Analysis… different forms of SAA for different manufacturing environments.
  • Techniques for characterizing value-adding and non-value-adding activities… how will you know waste when you see it?
  • Techniques for gaining acceptance (buy-in) from work center constituents in regard to the identification and quantification of non-value-adding activities in their world.
  • Methods for expressing the cost of each activity and each activity value segment
  • How to use this new information to shape behaviors, reorganize work and restructure work content

Technical, organizational and behavioral impediments to successful and rapid deployment of these techniques will also be addressed so that participants can return to their respective companies and begin implementation of these techniques the following Monday.

Workshop Instructor: Alan G. Dunn, President of GDI Consulting & Training Company.

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