Using Yahoo Pipes For RSS Feeds – this video demonstrates an easy method of website promotion – using yahoo pipes to filter and aggregate rss feeds!
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9 thoughts on “Using Yahoo Pipes For RSS Feeds

  1. the guy who invented RSS was killed by the US government a few months ago, he spoke out against all of their corruption, lies, killing and bullshit and was hounded like a mass murderer by US prosecutors for doing nothing but sharing content. They wanted to give him 30 years for plagiarism. He killed himself, but they really killed him. Fucking corrupt US government. Google ‘aaron schwartz killed’. RIP mate.

  2. Hey Lee. Thanks for the above pipes tutorial video. I have already created some pipes but always need a refresher tutorial… I want to congratulate you on a Crisp and Clear video… Yours is substantially Clearer than the one on the official pipes website! Thanks again and keep up the good work. Stanley…

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