UtD: Ubuntu 12.10 VS Windows 8 //COMPARISON

In this video I do an in-depth comparison of Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.10. Installation, Interface, Optimisation, Features, Programs and Support. ————-…

17 thoughts on “UtD: Ubuntu 12.10 VS Windows 8 //COMPARISON

  1. Windows is not better than Linux and vice versa. One has features that is more indicated for some activities than the other. Linux administration level is superb, you can solve troubles that in Windows you only do with a reboot and so on. Windows was made for users, is simple and don’t require skills to use it. Linux is for users who wants to develop yourselves everyday, like me.

  2. question…i would love to switch operating systems…im starting to hate windows….my main problem with switching is programs…tools i use like C4D..Ae…Photoshop…etc…and games (I have a gaming channel here on youtube so I need something that doesn’t have compatibility issues) Now I dont want to have to run some 3rd party program in order to run my normal windows games or programs…do any of these other OS’s allow for installation of normal windows programs?

  3. Ubuntu is a LOT better if not completely better than windows 8, however linux Mint is Ubuntu as it should be, not some crappy interface that just is a complete mess for users.

  4. “in windows you can do professional” You might also want to check that Lightworks (a professional video editor) is to be launched on Linux very soon. And you guessed it right, it is professionals: omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/03/lightworks-linux-beta-gets-april-release-date

  5. Well for the average user I can think of a few scenarios: a) If you have 10,000 MP3’s all disorganized and you want to properly categorize them based on genres and fix the artists name and configuration options, you could write a relatively simple bash script (no need to be a programmer just knowledgeable of Linux) to do the job or at least approximate it with basic terminal commands. Windows has no equivalent unless you find a program to do that, and even PS lacks in comparison to Bash.

  6. Sure you need to practice all OS’s as an IT Specialist, but actually i’m talking here as a user, who is using his home PC like most of people (daily activities), however my college major is “Networking & Security”, so you know Linux for me is not something optional, i must practice it either i like it or not =D, when ?? answer is about the order of priority, e.g. in my region Microsoft business solutions are so popular, so obviously i won’t go for Linux before fully understand Windows Server

  7. For (3) it is definite that no console could ever keep up with the latest trend of PC’s but since the market share is so low for high-end PC’s higher end games would only be released as proofs of concept rather than an actual release. I mean imagine a game optimized for Core i7 Extreme ($1K CPU’s), Vs just releasing 360 and PS3 titles? Also the keyboard/mouse work well for FPS’s but the controllers, Kinect, PS Move, and others are just better served for gamers.

  8. I recognize in my line of work (I am a Computer Programmer) I have to be an expert in every platform but that doesn’t mean the average user cannot benefit from descent understanding of all O/S’s. For (1) & (2) Pretty much that’s how the market works, nowadays you have to be an expert in Windows, Mac O/S X, Android, and iOS. So why not give Linux too a real chance? The benefits are truly miraculous.

  9. And don’t even start with Windows 8 and tiles, where you buy 1800 $ worth laptop, that can’t run GTA4, has bad interface, and compared to Ubuntu is less attractive. But maybe that’s just me.. I play games only on Steam, since it’s ave-able.

  10. Why people always compare 12.10, when it’s completely based on debian-unstable shots.. and people always complain about LibreOffice , when it does everything Office should for most part. I’m not having any option I’m missing on stable 12.04 build. Virtual machine is also great alternative, if need simple apps like office that runs in Xp, dual-boot is there, but I always feel like there is no need for it since I have several great Linux distros and Xp in WM, all running under Ubuntu 12.04.

  11. Buy one that comes with Linux already, many OEMs have them these days. I recommend System76 they’ve treated me like a princess. If your building one, look for the online compatibility lists or ask the hw vendor for their driver status, although sometimes vendor support staff don’t really know.

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