UX Alliance: Expand Your UX Outsourcing Network

UX Alliance: Expand Your UX Outsourcing Network
Event on 2014-01-14 19:30:00

  • Do you find as a UX consultancy or freelancer you either have too much work and do not know where to find extended help or not big enough to intake larger projects? 
  • Do you find clients often misunderstand the UX process and wish you had a larger network of UX professionals who can support your cause? 
  • Or you may not even be a UX designer yourself but need UX expertise to complement your offerings?

Hong Kong is 98% SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) so by nature we have many micro-businesses in Hong Kong unlike the Mainland China and U.S. market with many large corporates. Also one single corporation in Mainland China alone already have hundreds of internal UX designers much larger than the entire HK UX design community alone. What this means to you is you either need to expand your team vertically to serve much larger projects (thereby increasing your overhead) or expand your network horizontally to collaborate with others to create a much bigger pie.

At IxDA HK, we believe in collaboration. We also believe the Hong Kong UX community needs to come together to create a strong network supporting each other to grow beyond what we each individually are capable of. Moreover, since UX covers a large spectrum of skills from User Research, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Usability Testing, HTML/CSS/Flash etc., we believe focusing on your strengths and leveraging each other's expertise will be the best way to expand your capabilities.

For the month of January, we've organised a UX Alliance Event, for all of us to uncover the UX talent pool in Hong Kong and find resources to extend our network. We will have 2 Rounds of "Speed Dating" for you to effectively find relevant UX expertise help.

For those of you interested, please apply by filling out our application form on your skills/interests for us to to best arrange for the appropriate session.

Who Should Attend:

  • UX Exhibitors: you have UX client projects on-hand and need to outsource work to others, e.g. User Research, Interaction Design, Visual Interface Design, Usability Testing etc.
  • UX Complementary Skills Exhibitors: your service complements core UX offerings, e.g. HTML/CSS/Flash, Front-end programming, Video Production, Infographics, SEO etc. 
  • Anyone interested in partnering or freelancing with the above.

For Exhibitors:

  • Please prepare max. 10 slides for a 10 min showcase on your best skills/projects.
  • Bring with you your iPad or laptop to showcase your work.

For Attendees:

  • Attendees can preview Exhibitors background on the white board 
  • Decide which Exhibitor they wish to go and speak with

7:15-7:30 pm – Registration

7:30-7:40 pm – Intro

7:40-8:40 pm – Round #1 – Core UX Skills (6 rounds of 10 mins session)

8:40-9:40 pm – Round #2 – Complementary UX Skills (6 rounds of 10 mins session)

9:40-10:00 pm – Closing and Networking

Supporting Organizations:

CocoaHeads Hong Kong

Venue Sponsor:

at Cocoon
3/F, Citicorp Centre, 18 Whitfield Road
Tin Hau Miu, Hong Kong

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