UX: The Key to The Future of SEO

UX: The Key to The Future of SEO
Search engines have increasingly emphasized user experience, relegating many of the traditional SEO techniques and strategies to a merely supportive role. I mean, they're even writing our search queries with Hummingbird. As frustrating as it may be to …
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5urprise's Lee Tae Hwan discusses rivalry with Seo Kang Jun and his rising
5urprise's Lee Tae Hwan, who recently starred in MBC drama 'Pride and Prejudice' as a hunky detective, sat down for an interview with Xports News on January 20 and talked about the actor group he was a part of as well as fellow member Seo Kang Jun.
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Does my SEO really matter?
I think this depends on the nature of your company, and how you hope and expect to be discovered by potential new customers. For the vast majority of businesses, ranking highly on search engines like Google will prove very valuable. However, it can be …
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