Valeo Marketing Publishes Ebook Guide for Students Seeking a Master’s Degree in Technology Management on Behalf of George Mason University

Memphis, Tenn. (PRWEB) February 25, 2013

Valeo Marketing, a Memphis, Tennessee-based online marketing firm, has published an eBook on behalf of George Mason University for students planning seeking a degree in the field of Technology Management.

The growth of the technology market calls for educated and experienced individuals with the ability to adapt to the ever-changing technology management industry. George Mason has increasingly found that technology professionals have a need to learn business management fundamentals to advance their careers. How Graduate Education Advances Your Career in Technology Management aims to help students choose an information technology management degree program that will lead to their desired future.

Through our companys partnership with George Mason University, weve created a complete guide for planning a graduate education in the field of Technology Management, James Hutto, Valeos managing project director said. This free guide contains helpful information and insights from the George Mason University Technology Management Programs excellent faculty and staff.

Because of the advancements in technology and computing, businesses need skilled leaders in the field of technology management. To keep up with the competition, IT companies and departments are increasingly seeking Chief Information Officers (CIOs), who are responsible for setting an organizations IT goals, and crafting strategies that ensure those goals are met. A CIO adapts past business practices to make use of new tools for improved efficiency. They must be at the forefront of technology while being able to manage others effectively. Top areas of interest for CIOs include cloud computing, infrastructure, networking, IT management, virtualization, collaboration technologies, and much more.

Each year, the demand for trained professionals in the area of technology management grows significantly, Jackie Buchy, assistant dean for graduate enrollment at George Masons School of Management said. Students who are considering a graduate education in this emerging discipline should use this guide as a resource when selecting the program that will best meet their career goals.

Every future career as a CIO first begins with the choice of which university and program to attend. While Valeos partner George Mason offers its own Masters in Technology Management program, the ebook stresses the importance of finding a program that fits the goals and career outcomes that a student seeks to fulfill. Different universities offer unique programs best suited to different needs. Inside How Graduate Education Advances Your Career in Technology Management, students will find important questions and answers that help decide which programs are best suited for their needs as well as factors to consider include duration, cost, location, career placement statistics, and more. This makes for a deeply personal and individual decision, one best made after careful consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of each program.

The ebook will be available as a free download at

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