Vancouver BC Home Sales Soar as the Summer of 2013 Comes to a Close While Vancouver Movers React with New Marketing Initiatives

September 19, 2013 – Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) September 26, 2013

The tail end of summer tends to mark the beginning of the slow season for many relocation companies. However at this late junction of September Ben Wang of Best Choice Moving & Storage, a Vancouver BC moving company, has a smile on his face. On September 16 the British Columbia Real Estate Association released a report confirming a strong BC housing market turnaround, one that saw its biggest increase in the month of August at 29%. The Vancouver Sun, a local newspaper, then followed up the report by identifying that Metro Vancouver saw the bulk of the gain with an over 50% increase in home sales for the month. This is why Mr. Wang is smiling wide.

Ben states that anytime there is a surge in real estate sales in Greater Vancouver, or practically any metropolis for that matter, that the months following are met by a large demand for relocation company services. One only needs to look at the logic behind this trend. New homeowners do not immediately vacate their current residence and promptly move into the new one. It takes time to complete the process that occurs post-transaction. Households need to get their personal, financial, and logistical affairs in order, especially if they are moving from outside of the city to where their new home awaits. Thus, when a wave of real estate sales occur within a set time frame, Ben Wang states that it is the months that follow that have moving companies receiving a large volume of estimate requests.

For Best Choice Moving the statistics couldn’t have arrived at a better time of the year. With the arrival of autumn the moving company expected to be preparing for downtime, but now staff will have to put their vacation requests on temporary hold as Best Choice amps up their online marketing to capitalize on current real estate behavior. For starters, the Vancouver moving company is offering an hourly discount on their local moving services, a communication that is found on the Best Choice Moving website. For those currently residing out of town that have purchased a new home in Greater Vancouver Best Choice has instituted a clear long distance moving page which details everything from overseas considerations to guiding visitors on the documentation required to move from the US. To further enhance their online communications Brian contends that Best Choice is now maintaining one of the most frequently updated and useful moving & storage advice blog columns around.

Ben Wang comments “Real estate behavior and trends within the relocations industry go hand in hand. In 2012 we were at the mercy of a very slow home sales market but as the summer of 2013 concludes we are staring directly at a successful season ahead for our relocation business. Estimate requests were expectedly strong through the summer and it has shown no signs of slowing down as we enter autumn. Our marketing team is jumping all over this opportunity while our moving staff is preparing to extend upon an already successful past few months.”

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