VASS DP Launches Automotive Customer Pages Helping Auto Dealers Sell Cars

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) April 11, 2013

On April 11, 2013, VASS DP announced they will officially launch their new VASS Automotive Customer Pages to auto dealers on June 15, 2013. VASS Customer Pages are thousands of individual web pages created for auto dealers showcasing each customer who buys a car. Each VASS Customer page is a website in itself.

VASS created VASS DP, short for VASS Dealer Pages, to help new and used car dealerships increase traffic to their stores. Using Googles search algorithms as the basis for VASSs success, VASS creates a web page for their dealers every time a new or used vehicle is sold. If a dealership sells 200 cars per month, they will have 2400 new external web pages created per year, all filled with happy customers, testimonials and all other dealership-related information. Each VASS Customer Page features a photo of the customer taking delivery of their vehicle, along with all other pertinent information about the dealership.

Each VASS Customer Page includes the following features:

Photo of customer
Customer comments and testimonials
Video of dealers new/used sales and leasing specials
Video greeting from managers introducing the dealership and its services
Interactive map to the store
Service specials
New car photos and information per franchise
Contact form
Hours of operation
Links to dealers primary website, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses
Most anything else the dealer wants in their pages

VASS works because according to Google, websites are ranked on various measuring tools. Two of which are unique content and external references. Each VASS Csutomer Page is unique because it features a photo and comments of the customers buying cars from the auto dealer. And, with a new page being created for every customer sold, a VASS dealership may have thousands of external pages created every year that are all unique, and all pointing to their primary website. The result – the dealers website rank can increase substantially, not to mention, thousands of stand-alone websites representing the dealer help public perception.

When selling VASS to dealers we typically ask the dealer which they would rather have, a single website, or thousands of websites representing them? VASS provides many solutions for car dealers. When someone is ready to buy a car, more than half of car shoppers will search the Internet for dealer locations, pricing and dealership ratings. A dealership using VASS Customer pages has an unfair advantage, since they will have possibly thousands of pages, all showing happy customers whove purchased a vehicle from them. Each of these pages is a website in itself. Whether the customer finds the dealers primary website or one of their many VASS pages becomes irrelevant – The dealership with VASS Customer Pages wins the race, according to Drew Bourke, VASSs creator.

VASS Customer pages never get stale. Changeable media like video specials and video greetings can be updated monthly. VASS does all of the work for their dealers, so theres no learning curve or additional responsibilities added to the dealerships staff.

VASS regions are exclusive by new car franchise and radius. Dealers interested in checking their region availability may visit the VASS DP website at

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