VC Inc. Marketing Introduces Lead Gen Podcast Production Services For B2B Companies

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 03, 2013

VC Inc. Marketing, a provider of strategic messaging, sales support, and SEO content creation/p.r. services, introduces the availability of B2B lead gen podcasts, a new offering that will enhance the efforts of marketing and sales professionals at B2B companies.

B2B lead gen podcasts are entertaining, informative, and deliver excellent ROI, says Rafe Gomez, principal at VC Inc. Marketing. They can build backlinks to the site of a B2B company, increase its search rank, ramp up marketplace awareness of the solutions that its products or services bring, and drive inquiries from interested in-bound prospects.

B2B lead gen podcasts are unlike conventional B2B podcasts, which tend to be long and editorially unfocused.

While standard B2B podcasts are usually 40 or 50 minutes in length, our B2B lead gen podcasts are no longer than 4 minutes, explains Gomez. They discuss a common industry problem and then briefly describe how a companys products/services would go about solving it.

Gomez believes that marketers shouldnt try to do an aggressive sell job in their B2B lead gen podcasts. Instead, the goal should be to explain the topline facts about a particular subject, and then invite listeners to contact them for the rest of the info.

Marketers should think of a B2B lead gen podcast as a movie trailer, says Gomez: The idea is to grab your listeners with a fast-moving and well-crafted teaser. Theyll then want to get in touch with you to not only find out more of the backstory, but also to learn how you could supply similar solutions for them.

Gomez has an extensive background in audio production. He was the host, producer, and DJ of The Groove Boutique, a weekend radio mix show that aired in markets across the United States including New York, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia – from 2003 through 2008. Hes also the author, narrator, and producer of Whats In It For Me? A Powerful New Interview Strategy To Get You Hired In Todays Challenging Economy, a top-selling career audiobook on iTunes,, and

The B2B lead gen podcasts that we produce are broadcast-ready, and as slick as the programming that youd hear on your favorite radio station, says Gomez. We incorporate energetic instrumental music into the intro and outro, and we enhance the audio so that is sounds amazing on mobile devices, desktops, and tablets. The final product is 100% digitally recorded, processed, and mixed.

Along with handling the production duties of the B2B lead gen podcasts that he assembles for his clients, Gomez also writes the scripts. An experienced business author, hes created content about marketing, sales, and strategic messaging topics for a variety of media outlets, including Entrepreneur Magazine, Adweek, Direct Marketing News,, the American Express OPEN Forum,, Yahoo! Small Business, MSNBC, and Fox News Channel.

When the script is written and recorded, the audio is fully produced, and a B2B lead gen podcast is ready to be posted online, we then optimize it for listing on search engines, Gomez explains. Along with having your companys sales, marketing, and p.r. teams spread the word about your podcast, optimization is also crucial. It ensures that your podcast is found by potential clients who are using keywords in their Google, Bing, or Yahoo! searches that also happen to be included in your podcasts descriptive info.

For B2B marketing professionals who have been dubious about the benefits that conventional podcasts would bring, Gomez believes that B2B lead gen podcasts offer the potential to deliver tangible, measurable, and enduring results.

Each B2B lead gen podcast that we create features a quick information snapshot about an effective company solution as well as a clear call-to-action, so its very simple to track the response rate of interested prospects, says Gomez. The way that theyre written, produced, and optimized along with their easy promote-ability and share-ability make B2B lead gen podcasts an innovative, efficient, and productive messaging option for B2B companies that wish to attract new customers and close more business.

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