Vdek 6 PPC Stalker 3F of Doom Destroying All Who Oppose in Mechwarrior Online

Vdek and Six PPCs of absolute destruction in Mechwarrior Online on my Stalker-3F. Let’s just say that mechs will die and lightning will reign down from the s…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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21 Responses to Vdek 6 PPC Stalker 3F of Doom Destroying All Who Oppose in Mechwarrior Online

  1. bizbert2000 says:

    he used ur moms 1ipz on his kohgk

  2. txz003 says:

    I did great leader

  3. txz003 says:

    You’re terrible

  4. Thomas Hays says:

    yea…. the laugh is just terrible……

  5. TearsOfWar1 says:

    you should check out my videos showing off my lrm boat. It’s retired now, but I did OP damage every time.

  6. quickbot says:

    aint it death to all slow/uber builds that sac armor and heatsinks to put in max firepower? like with lrm boats, if you see light charging you without emc, hes dead meat, if he sneaks from behind…. well 30/70 that youll die. Same with this build, if you see light incoming, one alpha should grape that damn light to the hell and back 😀 IM sooooo gonna get this build as i love these(just yesterday made a 5xLMR15 + 4x MLas stalker 5M :) but ofc, wont laught like that, just have a very evil grin

  7. GermanSniperBayArea says:

    weak ass build i wouldnt even let my grandma play with such a garbage mech

  8. Kim Jong-Un says:

    Some kind of evil genius build there man, love the alpha strike! Did you one-hit that Altas?

  9. Matthew Fraser says:

    your heat level is way to high you be lucky if get one shot of before you shut down you need to balance fire power better

  10. guscp9 says:

    men show me that laugh

  11. formdoggie5 says:

    Proof that even Bond villains enjoy MWO.

  12. luzzlepure says:

    It’s like an evil 70s porn star.

  13. Makuta Teridax says:


  14. Makuta Teridax says:

    Things I noticed in this video:

  15. TearsOfWar1 says:

    You won’t think it’s awesome when a Raven 3L starts strafing you. “Uh oh, 90m minimum range!”

  16. MrNateshouse says:

    I completely agree.. Do you even realize how it sounds???

  17. marNLL says:

    Fuck the haters. this vid is epic!

  18. Abo Hac says:

    Yeah, you suck. l2p.

  19. Durkastatus says:

    I think the evil laugh is quite fitting for the video really.

  20. ShaolinTechnoMage says:

    And less salvage!

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