VENT by InsideOut

VENT by InsideOut
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At InsideOut we want everyone to live life on their terms. To pursue the things they can't stop thinking about and to stare fear in the face and help them walk through it. 

It brings us an immense amount of joy to be able to bring incredible speakers, entreprenuers and people who are incredibly passionate about helping humanity to you. 

Jeffrey Slayter has been doing this for many years and has helped me personally no end in the short time I have known him.

Who is Jeffrey Slayter?

Jeffrey Slayter was born in Hawaii, with Hawaiian heritage in his family. He has a natural love for the earth, sea, entrepreneurship, and ancient traditions. He then moved to Silicon Valley California, which is the home of the largest technological companies in the world that includes Apple, Google, Yahoo and eBay. He grew up in an entrepreneur household. He achieved success in multiple industries at age 31 including Real Estate, Agriculture, Global Training, Internet Marketing, and Corporate Consulting.


He spends some of his time supporting businesses and people who have passion for making positive differences in the world by showing them how to create financial success; how to promote and position themselves in a market place while still staying true to themselves. He has worked with over 3 million people in 12 countries worldwide, and personally consults Fortune 500 companies.

He also had the privilege to share the stage with other global leaders including: Sir Richard Branson (founder of Virgin), Tim Ferriss (Author of 4- Hour Work Week), Frank Kern (Highest paid internet marketer in the world), Tony Robbins, John Gray (Best-selling author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus), Dr. Demartini (The Secret), Bob Proctor, Les Brown (International motivational speaker) and many more.

An International Best-Selling author of Imagine (Start a Revolution in Your Life and Business), Jeffrey has come to unite alternate philosophies with business principles to deliver systems that can help individuals serve humanity with mastery.

Jeffrey Slayter is one of the world’s leading social forecasters, International Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Philanthropist, Thought Leader and Social Entrepreneur. He has influenced the lives of millions and is the global leading thought leader for top executives, CEOs, businesses, and change makers…He also is obsessed with surfing and kombucha. 

On April 11th Jeff will lead us through a day around how to find and excell your purpose, grow your business in a conscious fashion and how to establish successful and loving relationships in your life. 


In his spare time, you might find him enthusiastically delving into philosophies, meditation, and leadership practices; as well as surfing, collaborating with elders from indigenous cultures, building his business portfolio, and staying at the cutting edge of the most powerful information available for a sovereign humanity today.


Who is Michelle Slayter?


Michelle Slayter was born in New Zealand, into the Wilson family, founders of the New Zealand Herald. She has a natural love for beautiful things as well as a holistic lifestyle. She studied Fahion Design and at a young age became one of New Zealands top designers for her brand called Michelle Yvette. Holding the first business grant at New Zealand Fashion Week for the best new designer in the industry. She achieved success in this industry at a young age and then in 2012 decided that she could serve the planet in a different way that was more true to her calling in life.


NZ Fashion Week


 She now spends some of her time supporting other women in a different way. She is a Lifestyle coach in the areas of Mind and Body tranformation and assists in creating Loving relationships with yourself and your partner. 

"I am all about keeping the spark in a realtionship, coming from a place of Love, while getting what you want from the relationship." ~Michelle Slayter

 She also leads by example in her lifestyle. Having the balance of beauty and fashion with Organics and Meditation. Hense the name she is known as, 'The High Class Hippie'.

Michelle demonstrated that it is ok to be yourself and love beautiful things, without letting them become you. Keeping in mind that the most important things in life are supporting others, connection and also her love of animals.

Michelle holds a retreat in Bali called the "Beauty Booty Camp" which is a 5 Star Luxury retreat that supports women in relaxing, becoming the full expression of themselves and having the confidence to let their true light shine bright. 

Not to mention she has an obsession with great food, smoothies and her two pomeranian fur babies Busta and Turbo!

 On April 11th Michelle will lead us through a day around how to find confidence, influence your mind, body and lifestyle in a positive way and how to keep that spark in your relationship.

 In her spare time, you might find her spending time at the beach with her fur babies, creating new recipes, meditating, building her business portfolio such as a current agriculture project in Fiji, or online programs to further support others and staying at the cutting edge of organic beauty products, human potential change work and a little bit of shopping 😉 

click below to download her free video program "7 Days to a Sexier You"

At InsideOut we pride ourselves on creating a buzz of authenticity at our events so people leave amplified and ready to take action. A day with Jeff is going to this and SO much more. 




Greeted by InsideOut Founder & MC – Campbell Butterss AKA Me

A full day of content from Jeffrey & Michelle Slayter & on purpose, business and relationships


A chance to connect and mingle with like minded people


Have your face blown off with amazing content and energy




We will kick off 9.30am sharp but please arrive at 9:00am for registrations. 



WARNING: This event will not be what you expected and may contain traces of realness. 

Please feel free to email any questions to





Stay true,

Campbell Butterss. 

at Inspire 9
41 Stewart St
Richmond, Australia

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