– Venture Capital – Jonathan Strauss of Awe.sm on TWiVC #67

Mark celebrates his return to the TWiVC table with the co-founder of Awe.sm, Jonathan Struass. The two discussed Jonathan’s inspiration for a link tracking service and his experience with integrations. 0:30 Welcome everyone, I’m here today with Jonathan Strauss, the co-founder of Awe.sm. 3:00 So you were a social media marketing consultant? Are you willing to admit that publicly? 4:30 Was Bit.ly an inspiration for your idea? 9:00 Mark discusses how he has used Awe.sm at GRP Partners. 14:30 Thank you so much to Detroit Venture Partners to their support of the show. Everyone follow them and say thanks @DVPtweets. 17:45 Was Yahoo your first job out of college? 18:45 When was the realization that Yahoo was no longer cool? 21:45 When you were at Yahoo, all the big names were there, weren’t they? 23:15 I think Terry Semel’s strategy for Yahoo was absolutely correct, just a few years too early. 25:00 What hope does Yahoo have if Google is struggling to innovate on products? 27:00 I agree with Adam Wynne’s comment in the chat: engineers do love a geek in charge. 32:00 Explain for the audience what cost fallacy is. 33:15 Thank you to Scott Walker Corporate Law for supporting the program. You can follow him @ScottEdWalker. 37:00 Mark and Jonathan discuss a post by Darius “Bubs” Monsef on the art of raising seed. 43:00 Jonathan: When you’re actively fundraising, the more time you’re in the market, the worse it looks for you. 45:15 Let’s talk about app.net. 47:00 Dalton Caldwell

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