Venus Transit 2012: Incredible Images Caught on NASA Satellite

Solar Dynamics Observatory shoots as planet crosses face of the sun.

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16 Responses to Venus Transit 2012: Incredible Images Caught on NASA Satellite

  1. mindslaughter12 says:

    Someone needs to make a video of transit of venus for 10 hours

  2. katies murse says:

    beautiful event!

  3. OMNIGod66 says:

    With this movement the initiation of the final phases of the Mayan & Asian calendars began. In many ways I wish it wasn’t true, but now as we wait for the full Lunar eclipse of the Sun, and the alignments with the center of our Galaxy, we are left only to reflect on that which was & that which may never be. God Bless all that read this, may you have lived a life worthy of its journey.

  4. 詳細くりっく 宝くじ当選 当選金お譲りします says:


  5. Nelson Baietti says:

    what’s the name of this song?

  6. LoveIsPower369 says:

    Nasa No Accurate Science Anyway

  7. Kajdziakprawdziwy says:

    Love it!…

  8. Turqay Agalarov says:

    It is fake

  9. Kyle Wood says:

    because its far away and thow he colour reflecting.. bla bla bla and so on

  10. Da1UHideFrom says:

    Actually it is the result of gravitational lensing, not the camera.

  11. Lennon Cunha says:

    Just like Einstein said 1 hundred years earlier.

  12. dislikefatshits says:

    ur mum faked your birth. you’re adopted 

  13. Da1UHideFrom says:

    The gravity of the planet causes light to bend around it, meaning the light directly behind the planet is visible.

  14. KungFuChess says:

    How come the planet looks transparent??

  15. Batmanageable says:

    The reason Venus is transparent. : It’s just quantum efficiency hysteresis – the CCD’s response to light depends on previous exposures, the end effect of which is a bit of ghosting which is quite noticeable here because of the sudden and drastic change from “bright” pixels to “dark” pixels due to Venus. This occurs due to back side charge accumulation

  16. Batmanageable says:

    Actually it does through binary fission

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