Verdad Media Introduces Cutting Edge SEO Technology, AI Link Guardian

(PRWEB) December 31, 2012

As a full-service internet marketing company that prides itself on its SEO expertise, Verdad Media knows that the technology surrounding search engines, link building, and effective search marketing strategies can evolve quickly. Thats why it is so important for companies like Verdad to stay ahead of the curve at all times when it comes to the latest trends and innovations. Thats exactly what they have done with AI Link Guardian.

Link building is an essential part of most SEO campaigns. However, it also leaves sites SEO strategy open to competitors, who can easily access link sources and attempt to copy the strategy outright. AI Link Guardian is a direct attempt to stop these practices and protect Verdad Medias clients.

Says Verdad Media Chief Search Analyst Jake Burgess, One of the biggest problems in search engine optimization today is competitors using research and scraping tools to harvest link sources and attempt to clone an SEO campaign. With AI Link Guardian, we put a stop to that.

AI Link Guardian uses a combination of artificial intelligence, real time threat detection algorithms, IP blacklists, and traffic re-routing domains. Search bots that crawl the web, like those from Google, are allowed to pass through the system, offering maximum link juice for Verdad Medias client sites. But unlike other link building tools, AI Link Guardian does not allow human competitors to pass through the re-routing domains. This means those competitors cannot easily copy a strategy or campaign for their own purposes simply because of the protections put in place by AI Link Guardian.

Verdad Media refers to this innovative process as ghosting links, which is different from the frowned upon process of cloaking. Unlike cloaking, ghosting is not an attempt to hide anything from search engines and instead protects a sites strategies from competitor poaching, while offering more SEO value to Verdad clients.

It is virtually impossible to identify a domain that is using AI Link Guardian, either with human or algorithmic tools. That means competing sites will not only be unable to access link sources, but will have no idea that AI Link Guardian is in use at all. In the competitive world of SEO, this can mean the difference between a favorable ranking and falling to the dreaded second page or beyond. Verdad Media believes that the use of a tool such as AI Link Guardian is a worthy investment for any site to make.

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