Verify Your WordPress Website in Google Webmaster Tools – Video – There are two ways to verify your WordPress Website in Google Webmaster Tools – 1) File Upload and 2) Meta Tag. I’ll show you how to do both in this video. Once your site is verified in Webmaster Tools you can submit an XML Sitemap, find crawl errors, duplicate content issues, and host of other diagnostics to make sure Google can crawl your WordPress Website effectively. Note: Now you can even verify your site with Google Webmaster tools using Google Analytics!
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20 Responses to Verify Your WordPress Website in Google Webmaster Tools – Video

  1. dinuja kalhara says:

    Do you know about the little leaks that keep your ranking down? Just google Roltan Ranking Platform to discover how to plug those leaks.

  2. Jeremy Pommerening says:

    Great Video! I have been struggling trying to learn SEO to help a friend with a wordpress site. Thanks for the info!

  3. davidbjoern says:

    Thanks a lot! :)

  4. Justin S says:

    think it a great video thanks for sure wordpress is great but a little hard for new user so much appreciated

  5. pdiddy35 says:

    Thank you!!

  6. Jonathan Doyle says:

    Hi Don, thanks so much that was really helpful!

  7. Evan Newton says:

    I dont see where the editor is. I cant find it. I do see header but I dont see how I can edit it.

  8. expand2web says:

    Thank you Tony. I use Screenflow to do that (on the Mac). It just uses the built in camera in my computer to take that picture in picture while narrating the screen cast.

  9. tonylexus33 says:

    Don, This is a great video. I like how there is a picture-in-picture of you during your screen capture of the tutorial. May I ask, what software did you use to make the video screen capture with a picture-in-picture? Thanks, Tony

  10. Kristen Chiera says:

    This was so helpful! Thank you very much. Our site is now appearing in google!

  11. Janardhan DS says:

    Thanks a lot, I was researching on how to add the meta tag to wordpress website, you thought me exactly what I was looking for.. Great video :-)

  12. nvfunny says:

    Don, thanks for your great advice here. I did it first go… saved me sooo much time.

  13. EJsCashSports says:

    thanks a lot gr8 video

  14. Evelyn Vollmer says:

    thank you so much…your video is the best and I’ve looked at other verifying google ones and none of them were as clear as yours.

  15. Scott Dsouza says:

    thanx alot for your help iv been trying to do this for more than half an hour !!!!! 

  16. vintagecameralenses says:


  17. Elizabeth Moore says:

    I love you. Thank you. Finally I got it!

  18. Ricardo Portela da Silva says:

    Thanks for the tips! help me a lot!

  19. CharlesAccountancy says:

    Great video, thank you for explaining the process so clearly. Up until finding your video I’d be trying to verify my site for a week with no joy! I’m definietly subscribing to your future videos

  20. Bruce Sandahl says:


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