Verifying ownership of your site in Google Webmaster Tools

This video helps you determine which method of verification in Webmaster Tools might be easiest for you. Please see for more information on site…

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20 Responses to Verifying ownership of your site in Google Webmaster Tools

  1. whitemoonlights moonman says:


  2. Hillet Park says:

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  3. MrXdeep says:

    How can i fix h t t p 404 error ????

  4. MrXdeep says:

    How can i fix h t t p 4 0 4 errors?

  5. skymasterbest says:

    It does not say “Verify This Site” under the Manage Site menu. What do I do?

  6. DougLetoMusic says:

    Dub dub dub

  7. raihanmazumder says:


  8. eveningniteshade says:

    that woman saying ‘dub dub dub’ was annoying the hell out of me.

  9. bharath sunny says:

    can anyone help me how to use meta tag method

  10. manovfaith says:

    dub, dub, dub 😛

  11. Catara Stokes says:

    Is anyone using Wix? I am trying to add the codes and I have tried all methods and nothing. TIA

  12. DangerousMarketing says:

    0:46 Verfication allows you to associate your site with the country you’re targetting 0:59 Verification does NOT effect your search rank. 1:06 I’m scratching my head.

  13. Steven Carr says:

    Thank you for great teaching videos! 

  14. Main Uddin says:

    HTML file is the most popular and easiest way to verify the domain or site in Google Webmaster Tools.

  15. Daniel Vareta says:

    HTML file works very well.

  16. eCommerceGuerrilla says:

    you, my dear, are the reason webpages’ relevancy decreases and are hard to find for people who truly need the content.

  17. Dave Clark says:

    We’ve always used HTML verification. Webmaster tools is awesome. It gives you a ton of the info you need to improve your site, user experience and search engine rankings. In my opinion, it’s a goldmine…and to comment on the last comment, I think Milie looks very professional and does a great job.

  18. pimbech says:

    She looks a little bit like an alien.

  19. msnluka1 says:

    u know from u know how to upload the html site to it?

  20. Roy Philips-Jacobs says:

    I usually use HTML verification method.

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