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“Victims of Raphael Holoman-Franklin” is made up of people who have been scammed by Raphael Holoman-Franklin, a multi-state wanted scam artist criminal. His M.O. is to impress people with bogus social concern and feigned “religious activity”, win their trust, and scam them. When he isn’t stealing from people via rent scams or through whatever church he’s decided to affiliate himself with for the day, Holoman-Franklin keeps busy with an Obama blog that he maintains. Given his many thefts, and the fabrication of his job, education, and personal history, this is laughable.

We in turn have created a victim’s blog with the intent of warning others about this creep at:

Here’s an overview of what his dozen or more victims have experienced. We’re sure that this list is “incomplete”:

1. 2006: Holoman-Franklin passed bad checks. Seattle, WA. police have an active warrant for his arrest in WA and two adjoining states. Their letter and contact info are on our blog.

2. 2007: H. F. sublet a room that he was renting in NYC to MULTIPLE people. Their letters and contact info are on our victim’s blog.

3. 2008: H. F. took grass roots donations from Cambridge, MA residents for the Obama campaign and kept them. There’s no record of them having been turned in.

2008: H. F. rented an apartment from Clifford Truesdell, in Cambridge, “decided to sublet”, at the last minute, rented it to multiple people, and fled with almost ,000.

2008: Tom Queisser, of Germany, rented a Cambridge house to Holoman-Franklin based on recommendations from people at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. Holoman-Franklin sublet it and fled with ,000.

2008: H.F.’s employer, Trinity Episcopal Church in Boston, MA, issued a warning re: him to their clergy. See our blog.

4. After these thefts, Holoman-Franklin fled to St. Bede Abbey, in Peru Ill. to hide. Victims contacted the abbot, who asked him to leave. Letters from the abbot with contact info are on our blog.

5. After leaving St. Bede, Holoman-Franklin went to a Catholic Parish in Ft. Dodge, IA. and “borrowed” (stole) money from parishioners by telling them that he was a monk from St. Bede.

6. 2009: Holoman-Franklin returned to Cambridge, MA and tried to let himself into Queisser’s home, thinking him to be in Germany, with a copy of a key that he’d kept.

7. H.F. next showed up in Cambridge living with a family on Essex St., just doors down from some of his 2008 victims. The father became suspicious when Holoman-Franklin made claims about his “education at Yale” that the father knew to be lies. He Googled his name and told him to leave.

Do NOT trust this fraud. Contact the police, or us, via our blog, if you have been victimized.

at Victims of Raphael Holoman-Franklin
Essex St.
Cambridge, United States

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