Video Blog 03/05/2012 – A visit to the doctor’s office

A visit to the doctor’s office. Lab work. Start Page by ixQuick. The Catholic Church. I am being re-billed for electric service by TXU/Oncor! Starpage Search Site: ShowMeBlog:

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8 Responses to Video Blog 03/05/2012 – A visit to the doctor’s office

  1. hnbbs says:

    You are 100% right. I for sure need to get out of this chair and exercise. I been trying to lose a little weight and eat better. It is hard.

  2. MrBander336 says:

    it is good to see you well Mr Jim you should monitor your electrolyte and little bit of exercise and diet happy birthday

  3. NimlotArt says:

    Keep ’em coming thick and fast, please!

  4. NimlotArt says:

    More of those and more of everything!

  5. NimlotArt says:

    The kitchen videos are just brilliant!

  6. NimlotArt says:

    Isn’t it about time to make another video, Jimmy boy.

  7. mrgoodvibrations says:

    That rebilling for their error is bullsh*t I think

  8. mrgoodvibrations says:

    Statin drugs will weaken hearts and cause death, and possible altzheimers link too.

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