Video for Businesses & Startups: The Ultimate Meetup!

Video for Businesses & Startups: The Ultimate Meetup!
Event on 2017-07-17 18:00:00
You hear all the time: "You absolutely need videos for your business! They increase engagement, improve SEO, and help you make more sales.". But what is the best approach?

There are many approaches, so in a rare opportunity we've invited four speakers – the cream of the Austin video scene – to come and give us mini-presentations on the most important topics and answer your questions.

You may never get a chance to see these presenters together again! If there is only one presentation you can attend on video for business, make it this one. So much so that I wanted to call this "Everything you always wanted to know about video but were afraid to ask".

Jen Knoedl, Video producer, author, speaker and consultant will present on:

Join us for a practical mini-course sharing ways you can promote videos that your viewers want to see.

Lyn Graft, Founder of Storytelling for Entrepreneurs will present on:

Creating "Explainer" Videos for Your Website to Communicate Complicated Products.

Laura Lewis, founder of Odyssey Star, is known as a pioneer in the realm of integrated media and will present on:

The Integrated Media Platform as Your Launch Pad to Success.

Diane Bernard, Social TV, Live Stream expert, and Digital Marketing Executive will present on:

Live Stream the Marketing Game Changer: Learn how to get 10X the Social Currency and Customer Acquisition.



Jen Knoedl is a video producer, author, speaker and consultant. Her brands include 360 Virtual Travel, Better Smarter Food and Austin Christian Technologists and Entrepreneurs. Ms. Knoedl’s specialty is the ever-changing world of video. From television, to virtual reality, to live-streaming and everything in between- she transmutes her passion for learning to the viewer. You can find her on all the major (and not so major) social networks by searching “Jen Knoedl”.


Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Lyn was an electrical engineer and taught snow skiing in the Rockies. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, an MBA from the University of TX and is originally from New Mexico and loves honking at cows on road trips. You can follow him on Twitter @LynGraft or visit his web site at and


Laura Lewis, founder of Odyssey Star, is known as a pioneer in the realm of integrated media. In 1996 she was a producer and host of the “World’s First LIVE Triplecast” on Audionet—Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner’s venture that had only featured sporting events—until “Net Talk Live” made it on the airwaves. With a show that was broadcast on Television, Radio and on the Web simultaneously, Laura was among the first experts and media personalities to delve into broadcasting across all three mediums.

Laura hosted and produced over 220 original episodes of Net Talk Live/Net Talk Interactive show and has also appeared as a host and guest expert on many other radio and television shows including “Fox & Friends”, “Living Well with Montel Williams” and many others. Laura was also the host of the television show, “Empty Nesters” a 26-episode series presented by VeriaTV, now known as the ZLiving network based in NYC.

Laura’s most recent endeavor is Odyssey Star, a media and marketing company which specializes in publishing, production, digital marketing and promotion, with a special interest in working with individuals and businesses within the healthy living, wellness and lifestyle categories.



Diane Bernard is a Social TV, Live Stream expert, and Digital Marketing Executive. She is a speaker at CES, Digital Hollywood and Variety and Entertainment on Social TV and technology helping address industry changes. In addition, Diane has worked with hundreds of start-ups over the past 20 years and has trained over 20,000 individuals and companies on using live stream to grow brands, launch products, build followers and drive sales. Her talks include How to become a Social Influent(TM) building influential brands that level the playing field with larger brands and drives an inflow of valuable and fans and customers.


6:00 to 6:15: Meet & Greet

6:15 to 6:20: Introduction to ATXI

6:20 to 8:00: Main event

8:00 onward: Networking/Social


Dr. Ataollah Etemadi

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