Video Game Review: “Borderlands 2″

Video Game Review: “Borderlands 2″
Guided by a mysterious artificial intelligence that communicates telepathically and a hilarious little robot named Claptrap; it's up to you to stop Handsome Jack, save Pandora and uncover the secret of the second Vault. If this sounds like the video …
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Review: Sony RX100
In the above clip you will see that the video along with my robot like smooth movements just look unnatural. ….. If not on the display or an option for on screen it could be an option in the menu which you can go and check the battery status manually. 6.
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Following Freeware: July 2012 releases feature
This month you can take on the role of a carrot trying to escape a fridge or a pair of twins trying to escape a museum of the weird. You could help a small robot investigate a long-ruined city, make a first-person investigation of an abandoned space …
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