Video Games: The Future of Psychotherapy?

Video Games: The Future of Psychotherapy?
In case you aren't familiar with the term, lucid dreaming is a state of consciousness within a dream—you become aware of the fact that you are dreaming without waking up. … [I] held up my left arm and suddenly there was a massive machine gun… My …
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Leftists must learn to embrace the free market
Moreover, they don't believe this because they've been brainwashed into false consciousness by consumerist propaganda. They believe it because it's true, which brings me back to the washing machine. This single invention liberated countless millions …
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Veteran's tale of war horrifies with its beauty
Having come home from two years in that "shitty little war", Powers, an amateur poet and wordsmith, spilled out his experiences of being a machine gunner in Al Tafar and Mosul on to paper. There, weighty introspection and artistic flourish have …
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