Video Marketing and the Hollywood Method: Compelling videos for your products

Video Marketing and the Hollywood Method: Compelling videos for your products
Event on 2014-11-03 18:00:00

Discover 3 Effective Tools For Marketing Your Business To Make It More Attractive And Stand Out From Crowd Using Animate Videos & Digital Marketing Secrets – Training Workshop For Small / Medium Businesses – Speakers – Ariele Podreider Lenzi & Dwight Harrison 


Standing out from the crowd in the business is a great challenge for business owners and entrepreneurs.


With over 2 billion people on the internet and so many companies providing the same services that you do what will make you more attractive, more visible to your target market and build your brand awareness?

18:00 –  

– Sample animated videos you can use in your business.

– Introduction to speakers  

– Why is video such a powerful tool for any business to communicate its message. What impact can it can have on a business results. 

– Exmaple of how to create an animated character for your video

– Tips on how to market your video effectively

– Q&A 

– Business Networking 



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