Video Request-Public Relations Majors

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  1. Anonymous Specimen says:

    Hahaha. I love this guy. ” And all you 17 year olds who think you’re going to become journalism majors. Fuck you. Nobody gives a shit about what you have to say.” – Aaron Clarey. I need to show this to some people.

  2. Whatisright says:

    Public Relations as a major, damn. All you need is a little common sense. Well maybe a step above the common stuff because it doesn’t seem to be doing a lot of people much good these days. But here’s all you need to know for PR. Be Politically Correct. 

  3. Wildcat Wyatt says:

    People are actually majoring in this shit? Seriously?!?

  4. Gerald Rubin says:

    My comment is gone. Did someone remove it?

  5. Will Frame says:

    Sorry about that Aaron

  6. Thomas Hood says:

    If you don’t believe that public relations works, just look at the stock market. I mean fuck some of these tech companies have financials that are so fundamentally weak they need a public relations team churn “good” news to keep the stock price up. When this “tech” bubble bursts it’s going to be ugly. I fully expect people to be jumping out of the windows at Angie’s List or Groupon soon. There’s a lot of stocks out there that should have been at zero a long time ago. 

  7. vivaloriflamme says:

    Some hilarious PR related vids in the sidebar.

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