Video Search Engine Optimization Tips – Get your videos ranked! Can’t seem to get your videos ranked on YouTube? Here are some video search engine optimization (video SEO) tips and small changes you can make yourself to help you get your videos ranked. It’s not as difficult as you might think. These small video search engine optimization changes can make a big difference to ranking your videos on YouTube. 1. Likes and Favourites The more you get the more you increase your videos rankings. So make sure you ask…if you don’ t ask, THEY WON’T so make sure you ask. 2. Publish Content Regularly This will help your ranking in the algorithm. The more viewership you get, the better you will rank. So the more videos you do, the more views you will get. 3. Video Titles Always put your keywords in your title first, before any other information. Make sure your titles are sexy and include keywords in your description and tags. 4. Link between your videos YouTube loves it when you link other videos, it’s all webbed up, so make sure you link to your other videos. 5. Always respond to comments Do this as early as you can, the more comments you get early on, helps you in the algorithm. And it’s a nice thing to do and will help you build relationships. Make sure you subscribe to our channel, like and share the video. Let everyone know how great you thought this video is. For more information on video and online marketing, visit or contact us for help admin@explosiveonlinemarketing
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