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  1. Just posted! 3 simple yet effective Video SEO strategies in this week’s Youtube Marketing Challenge which is also the main reason why we were able to hit 20,000 views per month: Video SEO: How To Rank Higher on Youtube – YouTube Marketing Challenge

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  4. Thanks for the cool video guys. I like to build up my own web 2.0 accounts and make a presence on them. Web 2.0 sites get more authority as they age too in Googles eyes,,,so post all your videos on them!

  5. Woo! A new challenge! Hopefully me and Stacey can get in on this one! Question though; did I miss something? It seems like the video description doesn’t match the video I just watched? Or do you consider backlinking a way to get comments? Makes sense, I suppose. The more people know about it the more comments you get.

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  7. Thanks Tyrone. Keep rocking out the cool content. I always look forward to seeing it. Also, it’s great to see Aussies doing so well. You have my support!

  8. Another way to get backlinks for video is to use social bookmarking. I don’t do this for every video, but strategically select which videos I would want to rank higher and apply. Has worked out well.

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