Video Traffic Academy by James Wedmore Reviewed By Black Box Social Media

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) September 29, 2012

Video Traffic Academy, the newest product release from YouTube marketing wizard James Wedmore, has been released to the public and is available until September 30, 2012. But is this product useful to marketers? Curt Maly, video marketing expert and Co Founder of Black Box Social Media, reviews the Video Traffic Academy.

The Video Traffic Academy is a 5 module Video Training Program that takes users through a step by step process for creating a YouTube Strategy, Creating Videos, and Optimizing them on YouTube for better ranking, placement and more views. The course, taught by Mr. Wedmore, is designed for anyone who wants to take advantage of YouTube for better traffic generation to their blog or website.

With 4 Billion Daily Views and 800 Million Unique Users, YouTube is a great source for traffic. More and more people are turning to YouTube for answers to their questions, and Google is also ranking YouTube Videos in their search result pages.

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“If you look at Video Traffic Academy as purely a Video SEO and Traffic Generation training program, anyone with a website or blog can benefit from this material,” says Curt Maly, who is also the creator of the social media training program ‘Social Media in 7 Minutes. “But James specifically tailored his training for those who have a message and want to build an audience. Anyone from the local plumber to the Big Gun Real Estate Agent can see results with YouTube, but to truly embody the full potential of YouTube, a coach, author or speaker with a message who has a global audience and direct marketing strategy will benefit the most.”

The course is taught through a real case study by James, who picks a topic, chooses a keyword, creates a video and gets it ranked to the #1 spot in both YouTube and Google. He walks people step by step through the entire process of how he did that.

“James is an exceptional entrepreneur, teacher, marketer, and leader in the online marketing industry. His product will truly assist those seeking to provide value to their clients and be found online. I recommend Video Traffic Academy. Black Box Social Media utilizes many of his strategies, and you should too.”

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