Offers to Digitial Marketers, Content Owners and Advertisers the Best Materials in Content and Advertising

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) November 12, 2014

Vitarank is the leading site to offer the best in content and digital marketing. Vitarank has been creating numerous strategies to make each website they cater rank the best in any search engines. Backed up with genius minds, the company uses personalized and skilful tactics to popularize a website for the world to see at just the right place and time.

Search Engine Optimization has taken its turn in the digital marketing world. With the various and constant changes in the internet, it would be best to familiarize with what SEO can bring to a certain product or brand. Video content marketing is widely used these days because of the market share climb it gave to some of the brands it has been promoting. is one of the leading and first of its kind to create promotional videos which helps many products and brands reach the top rank in search engines such as Youtube.

Based on ReelSEO from statistics early this year, marketing companies spent 83% of their advertising budget for video advertising campaigns compared to other advertising media. This result is influenced by the 57% of consumers that have more confidence in purchasing a product and are less likely to return the item bought because they have seen their video advertising. These few statistics can prove that more and more consumers are getting marketing information from video contents rather than from other advertising options.

With the tremendous demand of online video content in the market, has created strategies on how to cater to each clients needs and has provided them with excellent results. It is the first video content firm to create 100% unique videos with never before content and ideas that can uniquely be prized as the products own. It also offers the best description for products and brands and provides client flexibility by giving them the option to input their own descriptions on their products and services. has proven that they can drive more visitors on their clients websites just within hours after the video content materials have been uploaded in Youtube. Another great feature that content advertising would love with is the ability to manage, track and check the upload status of their videos anytime. It also offers an auto-replace feature which means that any video content deleted by the video network for whatever reason is, will automatically be replaced by another one. This means that each client has the peace of mind that their video content is always on the web anytime, anywhere.

Clients enjoy the professional dashboard, images and style on each video content created by also offers a 7-day free trial for those clients who want to experience the best in digital marketing and video content creation in the market. They also provide the best customer service experience and make sure that each video created suits the image and message that the brand wants to relay to its consumers. This is the best offer has for everyone- the chance of having a website known in just one video.

About by Vitarank by Vitarank helps businesses dominate niche on YouTube by creating hundreds of optimized videos, one for each of the best longtail keywords. They spread the videos out across accounts that its customers own. Yes thats right, customers own the properties creates for its customers! The videos, the YouTube channels, everything will be turned over to the customers as soon as the order is completed.

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