View Landing Pages From AdSense Ad Review Center

View Landing Pages From AdSense Ad Review Center
Google announced a new feature for the AdSense ad review center, which lets you check landing pages for ads from within your account. This builds on a recent announcement, which let you search for ads by images. “If you're looking for more insight into …
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Google AdSense Inadvertently Embarrasses British Politician
The Labour Press Team quickly responded, however, that the press release was released on a TwitLonger account, and the advertisements Barwell was seeing were being served by Google AdSense. In other words, it was showing ads for things that he had …
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Too Sexy For My Google AdSense Ads
Sexy Google AdSense A WebmasterWorld thread has one publisher claiming Google is starting to crack down on sexy content. If you are using words that may be considered too sexy, your Google AdSense ads may not show. Sally Stitts, a long time …
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