Vijay Kumar: Robots that fly … and cooperate In his lab at Penn, Vijay Kumar and his team build flying quadrotors, small, agile robots that swarm, sense each other, and form ad hoc te…

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14 Responses to Vijay Kumar: Robots that fly … and cooperate

  1. Pheene Z says:

    Christianity, you kick ass.

  2. Mirelths says:

    Well there goes my job. lol

  3. Shifted2CAPS says:


  4. Nadeem Rather says:

    best invention… imagine 100’s of them carrying a car.. 😀 

  5. rjangda says:


  6. maritanasoysa says:

    greatest discovey in this decade. think if this is used in spy and intellegence how many lives can be saved?mask them the reborts to be natural flying insects and imagin whatbthis will do?

  7. maritanasoysa says:

    wow i think you and your teams work shoild win the nobel prize its a great discovery ….i have an aerospace background. do you not know how this discovery is.? it can be used in spyband intellegence. you can patent this and please use it. it will save life. its amazing on yaw and roll and team cordination for payload. please dr use this. your works amazing….its a doscovery sooo big and great its wow! wish you and yoir team well. good luck

  8. Zenius Me says:

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  9. SuperBlueboy1878 says:

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  10. SOF006 says:

    This is more electronics and engineering than science. Unless its scientific engineering.

  11. CIPHERJAY says:

    Where can you get these nano’s from?

  12. Mahesh S says:

    He didn’t say it’s 600Hz signal frequency. It’s about 600 instruction samples are given out in a second.

  13. Rishabh Sood says:

    and thus the Rise of the machines began: Moores Law has begun with 15:15  ..

  14. Chris H. says:

    there’s no way they had 600hz output lol…

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