Vine on Android – Official

Vine on Android - Official

Vine should be out soon for Android devices. Apparently the service has recently hired Android app developers to make it a reality! Please check out the belo…
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12 Responses to Vine on Android – Official

  1. Jorge Gomez says:

    you totally weren’t reading off a script..

  2. 1287493 says:

    I can’t wait for vine to come to Android, but I have an itouch

  3. ifailtomuch says:

    Good video :)

  4. Abbas Ather says:

    I have heard developers say Vine is “coming soon” to Android. At least we can get an idea of when to expect the app to appear in the Play Store.

  5. Damare Mobley says:

    There’s cinemagram on android

  6. pkorrion1692 says:

    That was really rude get off his page smh loser really ?!

  7. youguillerrmotube says:


  8. jacksssjosss says:

    Love it! Fingers crossed! :D

  9. MACJAYMUSIC says:

    ur spider scared tf outa me i thought that shit wus on my screen lmao

  10. awesomejello57 says:

    @skyninjakiller anyone who has an android

  11. skyninjakiller says:

    who gives a shit

  12. Pedro Sandoval says:

    I want vine for galaxy s3

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