Viral Marketing Successfully Modeled By Network Theorists

Viral Marketing Successfully Modeled By Network Theorists
They say their new technique will allow marketers to target their campaigns more effectively and to fine tune messages for the individual customers most likely to adopt a new service at that specific moment. First, some background. The standard method …
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He/she is a champion for the brand and leads ongoing marketing efforts through marketing channels including broadcast, print and other channels. He/she reports to the Vice President of Marketing, and works closely with cross-functional teams and agency …

“Remember the 13th” Is Not A NASA Site, Folks.
Clearly, this is really just some sort of viral marketing attempt (which, just as clearly, is working well). Stuff like this has been done before to advertise movies; the steaming pile of cellulose “2012” did it with a series of ads for the fictional …
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