Virginia Wesleyan replaces MIT as No. 1 in poll

Virginia Wesleyan replaces MIT as No. 1 in poll
BLOOMINGTON, Minn. — Virginia Wesleyan is now No. 1 in the poll released on Tuesday. VWC took over the No. 1 position, replacing MIT. The Engineers were bounced out of the top spot by Rhode Island College, which recorded a 68-44 win …

3 Questions: Engineering hurricane barriers of the future
Oceans at MIT's Genevieve Wanucha sat down with Chiang C. Mei, Ford Professor Emeritus of Engineering in MIT's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, to ask for his perspective on the possibility of storm surge barriers on the East Coast of …
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The cause of MIT's major power loss
What actually happened when MIT and much of Cambridge lost power last Thursday night? Why didn't MIT's 20 megawatt cogeneration turbine power the campus like a lighthouse in a sea of Cantabrigian darkness? What was the root cause of the failure?
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