Vishwa Bandhu Gupta: Cloud computing is great…but what if it rains? (Accurate English Subtitles)

Vishwa Bandhu Gupta explains cloud computing for the laymen. I noticed that someone else had already uploaded a video with subtitles but they weren’t accurate. My friend asked me translate the video for him so I wanted to make sure he gets every joke. PS The song in the end is The hustle (song):
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to Vishwa Bandhu Gupta: Cloud computing is great…but what if it rains? (Accurate English Subtitles)

  1. Abhinav Kumar Pande says:

    the person taking the interview is even more stupid

  2. Abhinav Kumar Pande says:

    RIP CSE students 😀

  3. Anirban Santara says:

    BAAPRE!! OMG!!! how ill-educated indians are!!

  4. Arnab Tumpy says:

    This guy has some talent and uses his knowledge (or lack of it) imaginatively 😛

  5. Shubham Minglani says:

    Man, this guy has some imagination!

  6. Usman Arshad says:

    I’m just gonna downvote myself as i’ve got dumber reading your comment

  7. Usman Arshad says:

    Yeah………. they sell the likes

  8. RabDaaBanda says:

    And the Sim data can be recovered from battery, lol may be he was trying to say from fixed memory of a device. at some extent this old dude is correct.

  9. RabDaaBanda says:

    This old guy is, bit right. But he was not able to express it correctly. And cloud computing is actually very dangerous, all your ideas will be in hands of Giant Corporations, IG you are saving it in cloud server. not to mention Facebook sells likes of every user.

  10. kspraj says:


  11. Ravi Ranjan says:

    how can the person interviewing him not laugh?

  12. basu kashyap says:

    hahaha suyog… efficacy is a word in english language….

  13. eternaldeniedmonk says:

    I dunno if we shud call him dumb or genius! kya confidence ke saath pheka hai! :D 😀 😀

  14. LifeExtracted says:

    He spoke efficiency as efficacy which mean nearly the same…

  15. Nirav Panchal says:


  16. dWombat says:

    CDN? No CD-ing.

  17. projectmeshent says:

    I bet he works for Microsoft.

  18. HotAsHellOutside says:

    I mean, the June 29-July 1 east coast derecho took out Amazon’s servers for a while.

  19. rajiv menon says:

    Now what will happen of Old clouds????

  20. Hari Krishna says:

    Sim card ka data battery mein chela jaata hein. idiot.

  21. Jai Verma says:

    kal manlo taliban tak pahuch jaye “hamara cloud” or waha baras jaye tab toh ham gye kaam se! sari secret information unke pass!! :O :O

  22. suyog patil says:

    ohh my god….so thats how we have to pronounce efficiency i.e. “effikiancy”…. and “the biggest misfortune of INDIA is we have such kinda useless people … who talks about technology … who even dont know “T” of technology..

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