Vishwa Bandhu Gupta Explains Cloud computing [funny] English subtitles

Vishwa Bandhu Gupta Explains Cloud computing [funny] English subtitles

This is a funny Subtitled interview of former IT [income tax] commissioner Vishwa Bandhu Gupta . He tells how rain affects Cloud computing . It’s really stup…

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20 Responses to Vishwa Bandhu Gupta Explains Cloud computing [funny] English subtitles

  1. Tushant Mirchandani says:

    I really hope this guy changes his career. He makes a better comedian than whatever he thinks he’s doing currently. Sometimes I lament living in this country. And sometimes… I giggle. XD

  2. Ashish Mahindrakar says:

    a standing GRAND SALUTE to the anchor for controlling his laugh.. :) :)

  3. rohan gaitonde says:

    look at the guy interviewing him.. he’s completely clueless… hahahaha.. vishwa bandu gupta , u r a foolish attention seeker.. i have died laughing here.. hahahaha

  4. rohan gaitonde says:

    hahahahahahahahaha,, this guy is crazy… cloud and rains hahahaha,,,,,LOL.. ROTFL… he’s sooooooooo stupid !! dumb fuck

  5. Куш бунар Карандила says:


  6. Ishwor Shrestha says:

    A part of me died after watching this. R.I.P cloud computing

  7. Jys Rajput says:

    uncle work under indian goverment…. can see effect…… haha

  8. MrSktomer says:

    I need insurance from the uploader. I felt off because of laugh.

  9. Dhwanil Panchal says:

    R.I.P to that Reporter 

  10. Ravi Patel says:

    Thumbs up if u cant stop ur laugh 😀 😀 

  11. Ravi Patel says:

    Dumbass Rain falls 😀

  12. nanirocks841 says:

    0:11 Kyon :) 1:22 trying very hard to understand the concept :) I am sure that after the end of interview, the other guy might have quit his job and left to forests to learn Cloud computing :)

  13. Dino M says:

    This Old man is full Comedian

  14. Vik Tik says:

    well i couldn’t understand fully what he meant.

  15. Karan Chauhan says:

    I feel so bad for the reporter…Was he equally an idiot or was he really following, what the other idiot had to say??

  16. Anirban Ghosh says:

    I love him really! I want to publish some papers with him.

  17. Shubham Jaiswal says:

    fake fake

  18. Saurabh Agarwal says:


  19. Michael Gaultner says:


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