Visual Media Alliance Launches VMA Storyboard, the First Resource of its Kind for Todays Cross-Media Marketing Creatives

San Francisco, California (PRWEB) March 11, 2014

Your customer is tweeting from an iPad as hes watching the latest episode of House of Cards. Your customer is using a cell phone to scan the QR code in a magazine ad so she can learn more about a product before she buys.

The realities of marketing in todays digital world are this: no one channel is enough and layering todays available media tools effectively is not as easy as it sounds. To help all creative and communication professionals navigate the challenging world of cross-media marketing, Visual Media Alliance (VMA) has launched VMA Storyboard

What is VMA Storyboard?

VMA Storyboard is a website of resources and a quarterly print magazine that offers education and inspiration for those using cross-media marketing tools. Whether new at the discipline or more experienced, designers and marketers will benefit from the ideas and information offered through VMA Storyboard.

The time when you can claim one or two media outlets as the best are gone, says Sabine Lenz, founder

Case Stories: Each week, visitors to the site will find a new behind-the-scenes look at a noteworthy cross-media project. From concept to completion, the creative behind these successful cross-media campaigns will offer valuable insight into how print and digital media work together to reach a target audience.

Cross media is more than simple addition, says Steve Decker, president of Zooka Creative. Its synergistic. Whether youre marketing business-to-business or business-to-consumer, cross media is more persuasive.

Lookbook: At some point, marketers will work in tandem with other creative professionals to build their cross-media campaigns. Finding experienced partners is critical. To make this process simpler, VMA Storyboard offers a database of the best in their field of expertise videography, photography, 3D animation, search engine optimization, rich media, Web analytics, printing, social media, design, programming, fulfillment, ecommerce and website development, to name a few.

I dont think that every design firm has done it all yet. There are younger designers just starting out who might be specializing in Web and dont think about print as much. There are older designers who dont think about Web and media as much. So learning from each others stories is hugely important, says Dava Guthmiller, founder and creative director of Noise 13.

Why VMA Storyboard Matters

Creatives today are working across media channels in a much more purposeful way, and there will always be something new to learn. VMA Storyboard fills an important information gap in the world of cross media by providing one trusted source that can show how the latest tools and technologies are being used to tell a brand story and drive the desired action.

Storyboard is that one source that fuses together whats happening in multi-media and actually puts it together in a single place. It explores different points of view related to the subject, and Im very enthusiastic that its out there, Kit Hinrichs, founder of Studio Hinrichs.

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