Visual Revenue Launches Instant Image Testing; Enables Publishers to Significantly Enhance Story Performance

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 30, 2013

Visual Revenue, an Outbrain company and the leading provider of tools to enhance the hand of online editors, today announced the launch of its Instant Image Testing feature and released several success stories of customers using it. The feature is now an integrated component of Visual Revenues real-time platform that helps editors monitor and manage their content.

If a picture tells a thousand words, then finding the right picture to accompany and tell the story of the day or any story for that matter is a critical editorial decision faced by editors every day, said Dennis Mortensen, Founder and CEO of Visual Revenue. We see this addition of data and instantaneous, real-time testing as one more addition to the editors capabilities. Its one more means for us to enhance their role as editors and arbiters of engaging quality content, without requiring them to sift through and make sense of mountains of data.

Instant Image Testing works in conjunction with Visual Revenues Instant Headline Testing feature, which was released in the summer of 2012 and has grown to be an indispensable part of editors daily routine. Editors using the Visual Revenue platform simply identify a story on their property, enter their alternative headline or image of their choice and hit a test button. The platform then runs a live A/B Test on the story, and when it has enough data, it swaps full-time to the more effective option. The solution does not require integration to a publishers content management system.

Image testing from Visual Revenue gives USA TODAY Sports programmers yet another avenue to track and follow the habits of our audience, said Tim Gardner, Assistant Managing Editor at USA TODAY Sports Media Group. While headlines are one way to guide a reader into our coverage, image testing takes that a step further. The elation of victory and the agony of defeat are easier to convey to our audience in an image.

Visual Revenue cited examples of editors who have used both Headline Testing and Image Testing to build the optimal combination of headline and image. From the day we launched the headline feature, editors were clamoring for an image solution, said Mortensen. We just knew this was a fantastic solution, and now were seeing editors use their own judgment and find new ways to increase engagement and satisfy their audience on the fly.

Instant Image Testing is among a set of tools and measures within Visual Revenues Front Page Performance Report, which enables editors to compare their contents performance at each moment of the day against specific benchmarks. The measures provide real-time insight into how an item of content should perform, so that editors can maximize engagement, expose the right content and re-circulate visitors by having a keener eye for audience expectations.

Instant Image Testing allows us to ensure we have the best combination of headline/image as possible in real time, said Gardner of USA TODAY Sports Media Group. It allows us to show off the best of the in-depth content that USA TODAY Sports is known for. As any programmer knows, finding the proper image to accompany a specific headline is an art form in itself. This tool from Visual Revenue allows us to perfect our presentation as quickly and effectively as possible.

Visual Revenues platform is now deployed on more than 250 media properties globally, and the company tracks and measures the success of over 13 billion articles views each month. In March, the company was acquired by Outbrain Inc., which operates the webs leading content discovery platform. Combined, Outbrain will offer online media companies an end-to-end solution for optimizing all of their content across any channel, screen size and device, with both automated and editorially controlled solutions.

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Visual Revenue, an Outbrain company, provides media organizations with tools that enhance the hand of online editors and improve performance. The Visual Revenue Editorial Support Platform helps editors to better place content, providing real-time recommendations and predictive analytics to more than 250 global online publishers, including Comcast, The Atlantic, Dallas Morning News, NBC Universal, Cox Media Group, Le Monde, The Independent, and News International. The company was founded by former IndexTools (now Yahoo! Web Analytics) COO Dennis R. Mortensen and is headquartered in New York. For more information, visit

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