Vitarank Joins the International Content Marketing Awards in Identifying the Potentials of Content Marketing as a Powerful Tool in Enhancing ROI and Sales Growth

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) November 14, 2014

More than quality, content marketing is also about having the right people to use it. In the next few years, content marketing is expected to grow dynamically (and even dynamically as what we normally expect).

This is one of the highlights in the upcoming International Content Marketing Awards that will be announced on November 26, 2014 at The Roundhouse in Camden. The International Content Marketing Awards is the sole most competitive awards in the world in the field of digital marketing with a number of entries for each category. Each year, the number of agencies aspiring to win in the 20 prestigious categories increases. According to Clare Hill of CMA, The landscape is shifting at such a fast pace and its great to see such a massive diversity of content being created by such a wide variety of agencies. If you win one of these awards it truly means you are best in class on a global stage. Agencies who were shortlisted in the said awards can be found here.

Branding is not merely about brand creation in whatever content form it is (website, magazine, video, or even an app). Driving the right people to view ones content is as important as creating the content itself. Kevin Sutherland, Sevens Strategy Director and Branded Content Publisher emphasized that “Investment in the distribution and promotion of video content is as important as the creation and production in delivering reach – and our stats back this up.

Vitarank, a known developer of cutting edge SEO campaigns and is a provider of SEO-based content intended for SEO and rankings, believes that content promotion is not merely about having a huge audience. Getting a large number of hits, views, or likes tend to be the basis of many companies. What they dont know is that content promotion is getting the right people and have the brand build relationship with these people at the right place and at the right time.

Content marketing should live in the premise that return on investment must be measured not merely based on views, likes, and comments. The interaction that can be gauged based on conversation volumes, feedback, and shares and these parameters conversion to sales are important determining factors of successful content marketing campaigns.

The International Content Marketing Awards is comprised of more than 60 judges from across the agency world. This years theme of the summit revolves around words, success, and awards.

About Vitarank

Vitarank has developed cutting edge SEO campaigns and providing results in highly competitive markets since 2009. With over 5,000 keywords ranked on page 1 of Google since its inception, Vitarank has been providing predictably positive results through the toughest and most competitive search engine landscapes in history.

With customers ranging from fortune 1000s, publishers, webmasters and super affiliates to large agencies who put their name on Vitaranks brand, customer satisfaction and on time results are Vitaranks only concern. Their on-time delivery guarantee ensures that its clients can hit deadlines and excel without micromanaging their SEO campaigns no matter what the companys size or volume of orders.

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