Voltz Lets Play – Episode 5 – New Beginnings Its Getting Mystical with MystCraft!

Thanks for watching our let’s play on the Technic team’s LATEST mod pack. The Voltz ModPack which includes awesome mods like Mystcraft, Railcraft, ICBM and other Universal Electricity Mods! If you are wondering why all of these have New Beginnings in the title I use that section to designate what recording session its from and these are all from new beginnings, if you are getting bored wait a few episodes and we will be getting into the mod more! [SERVER IP] = play.cktekkit.com [Website] = www.cktekkitweb.tk or http [Google +] = plus.google.com [TeamSpeak] = Coming Soon! [Wiki] = Coming Soon! [Facebook] = www.facebook.com Music ————— Royalty Free Music by audiomicro.com Sound Effects by audiomicro.com ————–
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to Voltz Lets Play – Episode 5 – New Beginnings Its Getting Mystical with MystCraft!

  1. SgtAleli54 says:

    I am soo confused what’s going on!

  2. Sean Briggs says:

    just watch 4.5, its fastpased.

  3. MrJamesbondo07 says:

    wtf did they do between episodes 4 and 5

  4. David Antolic says:


  5. Extreme99Gamer says:

    You guy’s are…Legen…wait for it…DARY! I subed! :)

  6. DanskerneFraDanmark says:


  7. Oliver Roberts says:

    I thought I missed like 20 episodes

  8. edywang11023 says:

    U guys should do more stuff on camera, a lot of people (probably) don’t know what linking books are and all the other stuff so u could perhaps explain it to the noobs. (no offense noobs)

  9. edywang11023 says:

    Thanks for introducing me to MultiMC, gonna have lots of fun with it.

  10. edywang11023 says:

    Dude, he’s probably rly young and I mean, give him a break. Not everything has to be perfect. Vote up if u think the guy’s perfectly fine at making youtube vids.

  11. Sand Man says:

    Last part of the tags, “crazy dog dogs jumping leap wal mart prank piss off pissed get crazy goes wrong”…..

  12. barneyhero says:

    I bet u do

  13. lucythesecond says:

    Don’t judge him, I’m pretty sure he’s like 13

  14. AtomicSniper22 says:

    at 1:58 turn captions on

  15. Bobalicious1901 says:

    lol turn on captions its sooo funny

  16. EvilNecroid says:

    started a new game…. NO COWS explored for days and days and had to make a bed to take with me and still NO COWS! …. cheated to get leather :p

  17. Wietse Vaes says:

    The ip is us1.minez.net

  18. TheGhostboy9999 says:

    Need a notebook

  19. MoMan711 says:

    I tell ya, this guy is growing on me. 

  20. 2L3G1T2QU1T100 says:

    who ever is recording has a i high ass pitched voice

  21. dethsproductions says:

    yeah, i know. i found out like 5 minutes after making that post. lol but the techniclauncher didn’t have it, the MultiMC hey use still did.

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