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We are seeking COMMITTEE VOLUNTEERS for the AABE Houston Chapter!!

PLEASE SIGN-UP for a Committee that COMPLIMENTS your EXPERTISE/INTERESTS. If you have questions about any of the committees, please contact the committee Chairperson.


Below is a listing of the Committees available: 

 Membership – (Membership Chair – Autumn Bean; Co Chair – Kimberly Alexander)

The Membership Committee will be responsible for the development of the strategy to increase chapter membership including developing campaigns and various other methods to increase Chapter membership.  Help is needed with managing our email account by responding to inquiries on membership and chapter activities.

Contact Autmn Bean at vicepresident@aabehouston.org or Kim Alexander at membership@aabehouston.org


Marketing – (Marketing Chair – Open)

We have an opening for the Marketing Chair. The overall objective of the Marketing Committee is to develop a public relations strategy to enhance the public’s awareness of AABE Houston and its mission using social media and other marketing avenues. 

Contact Autmn Bean at vicepresident@aabehouston.org for more information.     


External Communication– (Communication Chair – Sandra Thomas)

The Communication Committee purpose is to oversee and manage the communication of the Chapter’s initiatives and events to the public. You will work closely with the Chairs of the Marketing, Special Programs, Professional Development, AABE Advisors and Event Coordinators. 

Contact Sandra Thomas at director_externalcomm@aabehouston.org         


IT/Website– (IT/Website Chair – Roy Carter)

The IT/Website Committee is responsible for setting the information technology strategic direction of the chapter using current available technology. 

Contact Roy Carter at webmaster@aabehouston.org 


Scholarship & Mentor – (Scholarship Chair – Joy Jones)

The overall objective of the Scholarship Committee is responsible for managing the Chapter’s Scholarship and Mentorship Program.  Assistance is needed with corresponding with “AABE Scholars” and working our Partners within HISD, Aldine, Alief, Katy, Klein and Spring ISD.

Contact Joy Jones at scholarships@aabehouston.org       


Professional Development Program- (Chair of Prof Development – Marchelle Cain; Co Chair – Danny Harvey)

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for the planning of General Meetings and other special events for the fiscal year. We are looking for new ideas, trending topics, speakers and overall assistance with planning Quarterly Meetings.

Contact Marchelle Cain at professionaldevelopment@aabehouston.org


Corporate Partnership – (Fundraising Chair – Keith Wiley; Co Chair – Yaw Acheampong)

AABE Houston launched a new strategy with our Corporate Partnership program. This effort is coordinated by the Fundraising Committee. This Committee is responsible for leading the Chapter’s efforts to attract money and services needed to carry out the Chapter’s mission and goals. We are looking for volunteers to help coordinate meetings with Industry Leaders.

Contact Keith Wiley at fundraising@aabehouston.org or Yaw Acheampong at corporatepartnership@aabehouston.org        


Special Programs– (Kariff “KC” Carroll & Danny Harvey)

The AABE Houston Special Programs (i.e. Light Swap and Energy Workshop) are integrated with the chapter’s mission and strategic goals of providing educational opportunities to the Houston community.  Volunteers are asked to assist the Event Coordinators with planning and executing the Special Programs.

Contact KC Carroll at specialprograms@aabehouston.org if interested in the Light Swap Program or Danny Harvey at danny.harvey12@gmail.com to learn more about the Energy Workshop.            


For more details about AABE Houston, our Mission and Goals for 2014 – 2015, please contact Autumn Bean (Vice President) at 832-524-6891 or vicepresident@aabehouston.org.

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