Volunteers of America Chesapeake Receives Computerworlds Best of Business Intelligence Editors Choice Award 2012 for Its Deployment of Talent Chaser

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 18, 2012

The non-profit Volunteers of America Chesapeake received Computerworlds prestigious Best of Business Intelligence Editors Choice Award 2012 recently for its deployment of Talent Chaser, the first and only evidence-based recruitment method. The non-profit was an early adopter of Talent Chaser in 2010 after they realized they needed better analytics tools to understand how to use their resources more efficiently and improve the quality of the data used in appeals to donors. Seeking to create a robust set of data that the non-profit could share with donors to convince them of results, the VOA Chesapeake hired the Chicago-based company, The Cambridge Don, a developer of adaptive expert systems – including the SaaS-based business intelligence solution called Talent Chaser that can be easily set up and adapted to meet different business needs.

When we designed Talent Chaser, we wanted to create a system that would let both our clients and ourselves learn what was working and what wasnt and adapt accordingly, said Dr. Carl Aylen, President/CEO of The Cambridge Don, the creators of Talent Chaser. In the process, it became necessary not only to provide a cost-effective way to integrate client management information systems but also to build evidence-based threads throughout the clients organization. Talent Chaser is the result.

Talent Chaser assists with the recruitment of personnel and also the day-to-day management of staff two functions which have traditionally operated independently from one another. Unlike other HR software solutions, only Talent Chaser helps manage change more efficiently by using hard evidence to identify, execute and support human resource decisions. VOA Chesapeake implemented Talent Chaser to examine its performance evaluation and new-hire screening process. As a result, the non-profit increased their revenue per employee 24 percent over the past year while reducing the number of the people on its payroll by 100. Annual staff turnover was reduced by an impressive 43 percent.

The non-profit then set up Talent Chaser to meet the organizations individual business analytics needs. Presently, VOA Chesapeake has the ability to run reports and forecasts for any aspect of the non-profits operations and charitable services using Talent Chaser. The data the Talent Chaser software generates helps different departments within the non-profit gain insight into their operations. Staff will frequently monitor the program operational and outcome measures, using the data to develop intervention strategies as needed.

Visit http://www.talentchaser.com for more information.

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