VPN – Virtual Private Networking

VPN - Virtual Private Networking

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18 Responses to VPN – Virtual Private Networking

  1. Jing Yen Jy Tee says:

    u save my final exam marks !

  2. MsIndianmuslim says:

    Thanks Eli.. you are Good..

  3. Vijay Raghavan says:

    I never feel bored watching your videos.. thanks again eli… :)

  4. MikePortnoyWannabe says:

    9:18 This part reminds me of sex ed class.

  5. Ali khamis says:

    My professors at collage should watch this vidoe !!! you are amazing dude god bless you

  6. RancidScorpion says:

    just so i understand the VPN Server will send a challenge and your client PC will respond, my question is if you fail the challenge will it respond back by kicking you or just ignore the I.P.?

  7. mohamed hameed says:

    Nice Learning Video.Have really got an idea of what VPN is.

  8. John Osel O. Diaz says:

    dude i have a question.. i am using cyber ghost right now and all of a sudden while i was surfing i got disconnected. will the server see the what i’ve been doing after i got disconnected?

  9. Anthony Mitchell says:

    Good learning video!

  10. obscure4036 says:

    When I clicked on this, I could’ve sworn that he was in prison, educating other pirates about the importance of the VPN.

  11. altabanji says:


  12. cadde20 says:

    Excellent delivery, that is plain and simple. I am currently studying networking and this has really helped a lot. Thank you.

  13. julian correa says:


  14. blancher69 says:

    Why couldn’t you be my professor? In comparison to you, mine sucks ass. I understand you perfectly, while the teaching style of mine is quite confusing.

  15. Dustin Fancher says:

    Excellent videos! I do agree with KMCGamer. You need to figure out how to get yourself in summed mono. Probably a setting on your camera or something :).

  16. mickeymyers13 says:

    Eli, you kick ass man. Thank you for this and all the videos you have posted. I have learned SO MUCH about computers thanks to you mate. Cheers man, and keep it going. I want you to know that, thanks to you and you alone, thousands of people know stuff they never ever knew before or were never able to understand before. THANK YOU! :)

  17. infowars69 says:

    How can I hide my downloads from my ISP – have been toldirectly by my internt Provider – CableLynx and Vicksburg Video -that they are watching directly mine and other downloads – and is this a invasion of privacy .

  18. qman61698 says:

    lol he said “sucky 726 kbps”…well my parents insist on paying the least possible for internet so i have around 150-200 kbps connection for download..FML

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