Vyew 2.0 Beta Released, Re-Shapes Market for Web Collaboration and Conferencing Tools

BERKELEY, CA (PRWEB) November 8, 2006

Today, Vyew announced the release of Vyew 2.0 Beta, a free Always-on collaboration and Web conferencing platform that enables shared visual communication from any browser in just 10 seconds.

Vyew 2.0 was recently previewed at Office 2.0 (http://www.office20con.com), in San Francisco, where it won the Best Demo award during the Blitz Demonstrations moderated by Michael Arrington of TechCrunch (http://www.techcrunch.com).

Vyew 2.0 is the first Web-based collaboration platform to introduce layering capability, allowing users to easily scale and move objects, bring them forward and back, as well as copy and paste between pages. In addition to core Web conferencing functionalities such as desktop, file sharing and whiteboarding, Vyew 2.0 empowers users to create Microsoft PowerPoint-like pages by intermixing Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files, images, screen captures, whiteboard annotations, and more.

“The Web conferencing market has been around for years and has already established several market leaders,” said Henry Hon, CEO. “Web conferencing is ideal for people looking to present to a passive audience. But Vyew is something altogether different. It is a powerful, integrated, and free collaboration and conferencing tool that enables group interaction and sharing to get information, work towards a common goal, and to help get projects done faster and more effectively.”

Luis Suarez’, a Knowledge Management Specialist at IBM said, “Vyew lets you host free e-meetings where you can make good use of most of the different features put together from other online meeting tools. You can just set it up on the fly, in under 10 seconds, and off you go. No fuss, no issues. It just works! Vyew is now one of my favorite online real-time collaboration tools for e-meetings, demos, presentations and whatever else.”

Vyew 2.0 users can upload, create and edit content collaboratively. Pages created in Vyew 2.0’s shared workspace are saved as ‘VyewBooks’ which can be left ‘Always-on’ for editing over time. Filtering options allow for selective display of content by user for easy tracking, alleviating the confusion of deciphering multiple users’ input. Text-chat, note taking, and free teleconferencing are built-in.

Through word-of-mouth alone, Vyew has already attracted over 25,000 users participating in more than 8,000 hours of sessions per month. Vyew is currently used for presentations collaborating on projects internally and with customers and partners worldwide. Also, sales, marketing, designers, engineers and other professionals are using Vyew as a visual communication tool for product development and product lifecycle management (PLM).


Vyew 2.0 http://www.vyew.com

Screenshots http://www.vyew.com/content/Screenshots

About Vyew.com

Vyew is a free, web-based collaboration platform that provides a virtual workspace where Web users can share and create together. Within seconds, users can start an online meeting session, where participants can upload, share, and annotate files/photos (.doc, .xls, .ppt, .jpg, .pdf, etc.) and white-board in real-time.

Meeting participants can also communicate via instant text chat, pull up Yahoo! Maps, and use a library of 3rd party plug-ins to interact with each other. Other features include free online storage, one-click screen captures, desktop sharing, and dedicated meeting rooms that can be left ‘Always-on’ for meeting participants to reference or add to over time.

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