Wahoo and Umbrella – Filmmaker recounts nuclear test

Wahoo and Umbrella - Filmmaker recounts nuclear test

Wahoo and Umbrella were code names for two underwater nuclear tests conducted in 1958. Wahoo was detonated on May 16, 1958 and Umbrella was detonated on June 8, 1958. Pat Bradley, the cameraman who photographed these events recounts his first hand experience of seeing these tests and being on the island as the explosion took place. See this sequence and more in the new HD version of Atomic Filmmakers – Hollywood’s Top Secret Film Studio available for viewing on the GoDigital channel on Youtube. www.youtube.com
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17 thoughts on “Wahoo and Umbrella – Filmmaker recounts nuclear test

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  8. Yeah, I’m completely aware of the Tsar bomb. It was used in the 1960’s, hence they don’t have it anymore. Secondly, while that bomb was ridiculously powerful it did not have the power to “wipe out the entire western or eastern part of the USA” by a long shot. The person I was responding to has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about.

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