Waka Flocka Flame – The DUB Magazine Project

Ride through the streets of LA with Waka Flocka as he test drives a new custom Dodge Challenger and a one of a kind beast on 30’s.

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25 Responses to Waka Flocka Flame – The DUB Magazine Project

  1. NiNiLuV34 says:

    He’s just so fine !



  3. Topdogg4436 says:

    Welcome to goodburger may I take your order

  4. jamal452007 says:

    the green hulk look hecka uncomfortable

  5. youngbravo says:

    Dude got no respect for real hip hop

  6. nCaine says:

    Son of Milli Vanilli.

  7. ShaneBSM says:

    first of all, FLOCKA owns BSM you stupid motha’fucka, he is the CEO, its his label. Gucci owns 1017 bricksquad, and even that Flocka still owns a part of that with Gucci. get your facts straight before you comment #FUCKNIGGA

  8. Austin Corey says:

    forgiatos will do it bra

  9. AceDoubleG says:

    Check out BIG-R – Demon Flow (Waka Flocka Flame Trap Type Beat) Out on my page!

  10. barry badrinath says:

    thats because you dont make millions. lets be real. money changes your views on possessions.

  11. Diego BLacKSpiNBreaK says:


  12. Dennnyerr says:


  13. Dennnyerr says:

    he is not any longer in BSM … Gucci kicked him out

  14. danny Rick Roos says:

    swag men wka floka :) 

  15. youngderek415 says:

    Illuminati want yo mind soul n yo body

  16. prince killuminati says:

    nigga wanted to be in the NBA how original

  17. prince killuminati says:

    this punk cant even take himself serious clown ass punk Wacka flocka and u know it too

  18. brightlights456X says:

    Suge Knight trying to be………….all up in the videos 😀

  19. BlxckWxlf says:

    Did he buy them?

  20. genkijin says:


  21. batmandgk says:

    @TheInstramentalStash…..  You’re cool

  22. Dave Persaud says:

    hell to tha fuck ya!! u seee da rimmmmz!?!

  23. superdupercake says:

    fake as hell

  24. SuperProducer Deno says:

    beats going for the lows, $15 for 1, $40 for 3, 10 for $100, check me out, i got some bangers, over a 1000 beats ready to go

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